If you find yourself reading this page, that means you are interested in buying or selling YouTube traffic. You are looking to promote your new YouTube channel or make money from an existing successful channel.

You’ve come to the right place.

This blog is focused on assembling Adbooro service knowledge base, that will help using the service efficiently. In the menu to the right you may find articles you need. In case is after reading this blog you still have questions left feel free to contact our support via chat on the main page. Don’t forget to keep tabs on the blog for new articles.

And for now, let us remind you briefly what our service offers.

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The key point is that Adbooro is literally a views exchange. We are a intermediary between those who are looking to buy views and those who are looking to sell those. No more, no less than that.

Our main advantages are:

  • Traffic of the highest-quality. A buyer receives audience strictly specific to their topic, in full volume paid for, no less. And in practice quiet often more than was actually paid for. No fake views – each view comes from a real viewer.
  • We do not require access to your channel. What’s yours is yours.
  • Automated buying/selling procedures.

Traffic seller gains:

  • Money.
  • Collaboration via interacting with similar channels because of all of the strictly topic-related traffic.

Traffic buyer gains:

  • New audience strictly related to a topic.

How does this work in practice?

In order to make money you need:
Add a channel to the system – Place a playlist – Get paid for views.

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In order to buy views you need:
Place a link to a video – Choose a category – Gain real views and subscribers.

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Buying traffic:
$8 for 1000 views (Russian speaking segment)
$10 for 1000 views (English speaking segment)

Selling traffic:
$3 for 1000 views (Russian speaking segment)
$4 for 1000 views (English speaking segment)

Money withdrawal – $10 for any method.

The client base is ever-growing – about 1.5-2 thousand new clients a month. We believe our paramount goal is helping young channels grow and then helping with monetizing the success.

Make yourself at home and welcome to Adbooro!